Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn 2009: Before Gas and TV series

This series was inspired by Mark Knopfler song, Before Gas and TV, off his Get Lucky CD. It really defines this place in time of my life and the direction my work is moving in.

Series images (circ 2009):

Drawings are all approximately 8 - 10" high by various lengths.

On the edge of the field, 10" H x 31" L
Crossing the field, 8" H x 9" L
On the edge of the field, On the edge of the world,
Before gas and TV, 8" H x 30" L
Crossing the field, 9" H x 17" L

Over the field, 9" H x 32" L

About the materials:
Medium: Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Satin), Golden Mediums
Pigments: Pokeberry berries and leaves gathered along roadside in Canaan, Connecticut, United States; Charcoal from Fire Swirl pit in the back yard.
Surface: Unbleached Linen
Mounting: Mounted on canvas board using Neutral pH Adhesive, Lineco, Inc.

Exhibition History:

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