Monday, August 15, 2011

Artist Statement


In the last few years I have embarked on a creative journey that is akin to our journey though life.

I call this Change-Process Art and describe it as human and natural actions coming together to create an open ended work of art that has the possibility to change even as we have the possibility through time and space to alter our perception of it and our interaction with it.

It is a journey that seeks to create works of art that are closely aligned with the changeability found in Nature.

My body of work up to this point has been made up of art created by using very traditional artist and commercial paints – all highly stable and with lasting color – but running counter to the changing waves of possibilities we swim in daily and my natural lifestyle.

In creating art of changeability using materials and pigments gathered from around where I live and the places I visit I have embraced the unknown – being that the pigments and materials possibly would change. In doing so a door was opened. That perhaps the nature of changeability in art was as important a creative concept as that of the image locked in time – by the use of more commercial oil or water based paints.

Of course I still have questions. How will the observer react? What will the purchaser of this art think if the work changes over time? Will they feel a oneness with nature or the pain of loss? Or something new in the moment?

My hope is that they embrace the possibility of endless moments of new beginnings – until change becomes intertwined with the art and observer. It would then be that the observer in each new moment that they look upon the art would welcome it as something not set apart from nature but as being one with nature, our world and our lives.

Bernard Re, Jr.
August 15, 2011